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My Background


I am a Holistic Health Practitioner with an eclectic background in the fine, performing, and healing arts. I have been practicing and teaching Vinyasa Yoga, meditation, breathing, and Zen Shiatsu for 20 years. I blend my passion, power, and peacefulness with attention to detail, alignment, and athleticism. My teaching style is infused with clarity, fluidity, and strength.

I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a BFA in photography and minors in ballet and modern dance. After college, I studied at the School of Healing Arts in San Diego, where I became certified in Zen Touch Shiatsu, massage therapy, and mind-body hypnotherapy.

My Work

My life’s passion is movement.

My life’s work is teaching people about movement and the mind-body connection via yoga, meditation, breathing, and touch. I teach people specifically about intelligent movement – moving with consciousness, awareness, mindfulness – throughout their lives.

My techniques teach you how to move strongly, safely, and effectively, with proper alignment and attention to detail. I help my clients learn how to move their body with this sensitivity for desired health, strength, balance, and grace.

May we all have the strength, courage, and freedom to walk tall, authentically, and proudly through life.

My Classes

In my yoga classes I guide you through classic postures and movements, linking your breath with every movement, which is the essence of the vinyasa yoga style. I also pay great attention to alignment so that you feel safe moving within your own ability and so that you learn where your personal edge is. I lead each class with a peaceful, meditative quality so that you can deepen your experience and feel the effects of your practice physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I work with a variety of ages and abilities, in groups large and small, privately and in the workplace.


Teachers Who Greatly Influenced My Training and Style

I love giving credit where credit is due, so here's a shout out to some of the wonderful teachers I've been honored to study with - who touched my heart in a particular way or left me with a lasting impression and shaped the teacher I am today:

Lucy Bowen McCauley, Seane Corn, Mary-Jean Cowell, Miriam Cramer, Sean Curran, Bryan Kest, Jonny Kest, Seymour Koblin, Katherine Larson, Cyndi Lee, David Marchant, Christine O’Neal, Natasha Rizopolous, Billy Siegenfeld, Rod Stryker