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Infant Massage


Once baby arrives and is at least 3 months old, infant massage is a wonderful practice to learn for your baby.

We will schedule 4 lessons (30-45 minutes each) in your home - for you, your partner, and baby. You may also invite other regular caregivers to learn these techniques. In the first 3 lessons, I will teach you techniques for baby's legs and feet, arms and hands, back, chest, belly, and face. Our 4th meeting is to solidify the techniques and have time for more questions and practice. After this series, we can schedule follow-up sessions in person or via Skype.

Benefits of infant massage:

  • special time with parents and other caregivers
  • teaches baby to enjoy gentle, soothing, and safe touch
  • increased range of motion, coordination, and flexibility
  • supported digestion and relaxation response


For more information and to schedule sessions for you and your baby, please contact me!