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Workplace Wellness

Bring Energy and Wellness To Your Workplace


I am very passionate about bringing my services into the workplace. Weekly classes and massages are the most effective stress-reducing activities for your workplace wellness program, bringing great benefits to your team:

  • decreased stress and tension
  • increased energy, creativity, and productivity
  • greater unity and strength as a team

I customize my presentations and classes to meet your employees’ needs.

Workplace Wellness Presentations

I lead you through a series of simple yoga poses, breathing, and/or meditation exercises that can be done at your desk or in other spaces around the office.

In addition, I discuss other ideas for staying active and healthy at work – practices that everyone in the office can implement into their workday.

Ongoing Workplace Classes

Classes in yoga, meditation, and/or breathing can be biweekly, weekly, monthly, or at any interval of your choice. These classes can be held during the lunch hour or at another time that works for your business.

Zen Shiatsu

Short, targeted massages for each member of your staff is a relaxing and effective addition to your workplace wellness program. Each person receives 10 minutes of this soothing style of massage and will return to their job rejuvenated!