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Workshops & Intensives


A workshop is a group class, typically 2-3 hours long, which focuses on a particular theme.

Currently I offer the following workshops:

A Complete Core / Core & More

Learn some of the best yoga poses and moves to develop and maintain a strong core. Having a strong core is important for all basic and athletic activities in life – from having good posture, to playing with your child, grandchild, or pet, to carrying groceries and climbing stairs. All of your endeavors are easier and more enjoyable when you move from a strong center.

In this workshop, I help you fill your tool bag with a variety of FUN moves and poses for a strong core. We finish off with an effective series for flexibility and relaxation.

Connecting Through Touch

This workshop is an extraordinary opportunity to learn a new way of connecting with others - via touch and the principles of Zen Shiatsu. Learn how to center yourself first, how to approach another person’s body, and how to give and receive with reverence. The techniques presented, which can be used on your self as well as family and friends, are wonderfully soothing, relaxing, and life-changing.

*This workshop is a variation of Self-Care Made Simple.

Master Class – Passion Flow

This is where I bring all the principles of my teaching together.

Let’s flow with passion, intensity, and care.

Based on the idea of Intelligent Movement, move through this strong, rounded practice with great consciousness, flow with reverence for your own body, mind, and spirit, and go to your Edge courageously!

Meditation & Breathing

In this workshop or class, I present a plethora of techniques. We meditate focusing on breath, imagery, our senses, mantras, movement, and guided journeys. I also intersperse breathing techniques originating from yoga, tai chi, and more.

If you want to learn many techniques all in one place, this is it.

Restorative Candlelight Flow

Restorative yoga is a sweet treat for your body. This is a mellow, evening flow of calm, yet rejuvenating poses, surrounded by candlelight, to relax, rest, and restore you physically and mentally.

We flow gently through a fundamental warm-up series, then breathe through long, deep holds to open joints and lengthen muscles. Finally, we let our bodies relax and release in restful poses to complete the body’s process of renewal.

Self-Care Made Simple

In this workshop, you will learn and practice basic massage techniques from Zen Shiatsu that you can use on yourself and loved ones any time you choose.

*This workshop is a variation of Connection Through Touch.

Surya Namaskar - The Sun Salutation

In this workshop we spend significant time dissecting and practicing each pose and transition of the Sun Salutation so we understand them fully. Then we put them all back together in the classic, flowing form that is the ultimate vinyasa!

Yoga for Athletes - Runners, Walkers, Swimmers, Cyclists, Skiers

Learn which poses and moves best inform the athletics activities you love to do, strengthening and stretching relevant parts of your body so you can perform your best!



An intensive is an immersion into a topic and practice over several days. Like a workshop, there is a theme that we focus on. But since we have so many hours over which to play, flow, and discuss, we take our time getting there and build accordingly.

Currently I offer the following Intensives:

The Grammar of Yoga

In this 4-part intensive, we look at the practice of yoga as a noun, a verb, and an adverb – how fun! We explore vinyasa style flows and poses with different emphases – the body, the actions, and the qualities. As a result, you will experience yoga in new ways – breakthroughs and enlightenment are common in this intensive!


Live. Illuminate. Flow. Truth.

Profound exploration of self and life is the backbone of this intensive. A transformational experience is inevitable as we ask ourselves probing, meaningful questions. Via yoga, discussion, journaling, dancing, drumming, vocalizing, meditation, dreaming, and making art, you will undeniably clarify your purpose and feel LIFTed on your path to realizing your potential.