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Zen Shiatsu


Receiving Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu is a peaceful, painless, and profound style of ancient Japanese bodywork. Based on the Chinese Five Elements theory of nature and meridian maps of the body as used in acupuncture, this style of acupressure facilitates balance of the flow of energy in the body. It brings clarity and freedom to the muscles and joints, and tranquility to the mind and soul.

This style of bodywork is done on a futon on the floor, the client remains comfortably clothed, and no oils or creams are used.

This makes Zen Shiatsu a perfect choice for bringing massage to your workplace for an entire staff to enjoy!


Learning Zen Shiatsu

I also teach Zen Shiatsu to couples, family, and friends - simple, soothing techniques that facilitate a deeper connection between them. These techniques are so powerful because they are so different than the ways we are used to communicating and connecting with each other; This practice is not verbal and not sexual, but sensual and energetic.

Learning to connect through touch will permeate your life, leading to more compassionate relationships with family, friends, and beyond.


To schedule a session, please contact me!